Originally conceived as an interactive installation for queer club nights, Drag Mother has developed into a two hour interactive sermon that audiences can come in and out of. 

A queer, moist and milky celebration of the matriarchal by someone who doesn’t want to have any children, the sermon involves giant labia lip syncing sing-a-longs to iconic gay hymns and sacred cocktail breast feeding rituals from plastic bag tits.

Drawing from drag culture, queer kinship practices and religious iconography, Rosana Cade takes on “Mother”, troubling the archetypes with an irreverent, camp, grotesque representation. This joyful and disarmingly vulnerable performance pokes at the boundaries between self and other, grappling with the slippery nature of giving and receiving care.

Part Drag show, part LGBTQI+ history lesson and part Sermon in honour of the beautiful art of queer relations:

Being mothers to our friends,

Friends to our lovers,

Lovers to Strangers,

Strange to our Mothers....

Drag Mother was created with artistic support from johnsmith, and is currently supported artistically and technically by Siân Baxter.

Drag Mother has been performed at Horseplay in Bristol, Steakhouse Live Queer Salon at Sutton House in London, Queer B-Cademy at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Impossible Bodies at Mousonturn in Frankfurt and at Beursschouwburg in Brussels. It will be at Steakhouse Love Slow Sunday on 1st March 2020.

This image is from the Queer B-Cademy in Hamburg where Drag Mother was supported by johnsmith.