In 2017 Rosana Cade was commissioned by Fierce Festival in Birminghan and The Marlborough Theatre in Brighton to create a new work. They decided to collaborate with their partner, artist Ivor MacAskill. Cade and MacAskill entered a process that began as a queer exploration of 'good' and 'evil', questioning the ways in which these concepts are used by the media and those in power to control and divide communities, in this time of increasing political polarisation.

The research developed into a fascination with the nature of debate and opinion in contemporary society, via radio phone in shows, and endless social media streams. They became compelled to explore the idea of the echo chamber or the bubble, and the emotional effect of engaging with these seemingly endless cyclical confrontations.

They invited sound artist Yas Clarke into the process, who creates a unique sonic world, with voice manipulation, jingles and sound affects galore.

The process was further supported  by The Arts Council England, and The Yard Theatre where is premiered in January 2018 as part of NOW18. It will be returning for a 2 week run at The Yard Theatre London in Autumn 2018.

This piece is available to tour in Autumn 2018 and Spring/Summer 2019. It will be at The Edinburgh Fringe 2019 as part of British Council Showcase and Made in Scotland Showcase.

For a link to full documentation or a tour pack email Rosana on

Co-commissioned by Fierce Festival, The Marlborough Theatre and The Yard Theatre. Supported using public funds by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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Cade and MacAskill take on the roles of doppelgänger radio hosts Barry and Barry, batting banter back and forth in their surreal phone-in talk show. Seeking connection with the world beyond, they can only tune into the white noise at the edges of their outer space echo-chamber.

MOOT MOOT is a weird and wild trip through never-ending feedback loops; a riotous rhythmic transmission for our times.

Rosana Cade’s powerful immersive Walking-Holding and her autobiographical performance Sister, have toured the country to critical acclaim, as has Ivor MacAskill’s solo performance piece STUD. They have been performing as a duo for three years in the cult live art riot grrrl boi band Double Pussy Clit Fuck.

Now they combine forces to create this hilarious new show, with a unique sound world devised by Yas Clarke. See them desperately grasp at meaning in a post-truth world, where all facts are moot.

**** "Sharp, smart and seriously entertaining." Mary Brennan, the Herald Scotland 

“@RosanaCade & @EilidhUkulele AKA Barry and Barry Moot Moot was a hoot hoot, love em. Also best BSL integration in show I've ever seen" audience tweet from The Yard



“@YardTheatre  LOVED moot moot tonight. Not only are @RosanaCade and @EilidhUkulele artists of rare & subtle genius - they are extremely gifted performers”

"funny, sinister, witty, entertaining, intelligent, original - brilliant!" audience tweet from The Yard