Queer Day Spa

Queer Day Spa - a free ‘anti-spa’ that focuses on ‘us time’ over ‘me time’, and creates space to experiment with looking after each other. Come along to nurture and be nurtured, to listen and be listened to, to lead and be led.

Engaging with notions of care and nurture outside of a traditional family structure, The Queer Day Spa explores what it is to offer intimate care and attention to someone you've not met, and what it is to surrender to that kind of offering and allow ourselves to be looked after. It's about giving and receiving, connection and autonomy, vulnerability and trust. It asks what we can learn about the power of platonic intimacy and how might we implement that into our lives and communities more broadly.

It is a playful and queer response to the neoliberal rhetoric around ‘self-care’, and explores the restorative potential as well as the difficulties of being together in different ways.

The Queer Day Spa was first developed as a 1 day workshop for the Queer B-cademy at Kampnagel in Hamburg on 23rd February 2018, with assistance from johnsmith. The workshop is inspired by the work of Adrian Howells, as well as my ongoing practice with Walking:Holding.

The next Queer Day Spa will be at the Queer B-cademy at IM*POSSIBLE BODIES, Mousonturm in Franfurt on 28th April.