Rosana Cade (they/them) is a Glasgow based artist who mainly works in live performance. Whilst the form of their work varies and emerges in response to the specific context or inquiry they are engaging with, it is rooted in queer feminist discourse and straddles performance, live art, and activism. Almost all of their work is collaborative, and takes place in different contexts including theatres, galleries, urban public spaces, nightclubs and cabaret settings.

Rosana is drawn to liveness as a potent site for connection with an 'other', and their work often explores the joy and difficulty of connecting meaningfully others. This quest for connection is part of their queer activism and a commitment to creating a world with greater empathy and understanding between different people.

Rosana enjoys using live performance practice to create contexts that invite people to step beyond the boundaries they normally act within, giving audiences/participants sensorial live experiences they may not encounter or feel able to partake in elsewhere. Whether this be receiving a lap dance, holding hands with a stranger in public space, or singing along to a giant labia mouth, Rosana believes in the transformative potential of these carefully crafted offerings. 

Rosana is dedicated to developing collaborative practices, and discovering ways to work together in order to better understand how to live together. They are a co-founder of the radical performance collective //BUZZCUT// who support live art and experimental performance in Glasgow with a strong community focused ethic. //BUZZCUT// have presented six annual five-day international performance festivals between 2012-2017, and regularly program other performance events throughout the year. 

Rosana was part of the Spill National Platform and Showcase in 2013, a National Theatre of Scotland and Arches 'Auteur' in 2014, when Rosana also received a Culture2014 commission. They were an artsadmin artist bursary recipient 2014/15, and artist in residence at the Marlborough Theatre in 2015. For the past nine years Rosana has been touring regularly and their work has been shown extensively in UK with a range of organisations across the country including the National Theatre in London, at Summerhall as part of the Made in Scotland Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 and MIS and British Council Showcase 2019, Contact Theatre - Manchester, the Arches in Glasgow, Battersea Arts Centre, Fierce Festival. Rosana has also been touring internationally regularly, mainly across Europe to venues such as Gessnerrallee in Zurch, Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon, Frascati in Amsterdam, Kampnagel in Hamburg, Tanzquartier in Vienna and Gorki in Berlin.

Rosana created their acclaimed interactive participatory performance, ‘Walking:Holding’ in 2011 and has continued to tour this work ever since, working with local participants wherever it's presented. In 2016 Rosana collaborated with filmmakers Claire Nolan and Charlie Cauchi to make a creative documentary about the project, funded by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and the Arts Council England.

Rosana has an ongoing collaborative practice with their life partner Ivor MacAskill. They regularly perform queer anarchic live gigs/riots/shows in their riot-grrl-on-grrl-on-boi-on-boi-live-art-concept band Double Pussy Clit Fuck, and were commissioned by Fierce Festival, The Marlborough and The Yard Theatre in 2018 to create a new work called ‘MOOT MOOT’. Within their work they are fascinated in shifts between light and dark, the power of dealing with something heavy through the lightness of humour. Confronted by an information saturated world that is regularly presenting the banal next to the horrific, they create work which oscillates between these magnitudes in order to explore the complexity of connecting with contemporary society.

Rosana has a rich facilitation practice, both through their work with Walking:Holding, and through a range of bespoke workshops they have devised for other artists and participants.

Rosana regularly devises and performs work under the direction of Nic Green, along with Laura Bradshaw. They created Cock and Bull, which received a Total theatre Award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016 and are currently working on a new project.